Blogging : What say you?


First, let us define the word BLOG.

1. A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption (source)

2. n.) Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. (source)

Okay, I think two definitions would be enough for us to understand the functions of a blog. There are many things that I've learned about blogging and being a blogger. 

Previously, I wasn't an active blogger. Yup, I didn't update my blog frequently as I view blogging is not my favourite hobby at that time. The other reason was I didn't have many readers to view my blog. -in this situation, I really didn't know which channels to ping/ promote my blog. There were times I would feel quite shy to promote my blog via Facebook as my friends would view it. (Perhaps, some people don't favour this kind of blogging thingy. They feel like come on lah, no need to tell everything to others. They want it to be personal. For me, blogging is like writing your own diary. The difference is, people can view, read and give comments about your writings as long as it's suitable for everyone to read, it's okay. :)


I did some readings on blogging and I met new friends @ Facebook who have their blogs and always ping their blogs at some groups for bloggers. Oh, baru saye faham! hehehe -lambat sket- As I told you, memang saya tak tahu pun semua ni sebab blogging is for fun. Tak terfikir pun ada groups to promote blogs. ^_^

So, confidently I joined the groups for bloggers. Bila dah join, wow ramai nyeeee bloggers! -gayat sket haha-

Okay, 5 cukuplah kan. hehehe~ ada lagi group yang lain. Perhaps you guys can share with me.

Kalau tengok profile saya, dah lama jadi blogger tapi followers saya tak ribu riban seperti orang lain. Because I really feel like blogging is for fun. hehe~ 2009-2011 Omaigod, 2 years!
WOW! lamanya..haha~

Never mind, it doesn't give me a heart attack to only have 170 followers at this moment. Dulu, 14 je. hahaha~ sedih kan. But I would like to thank youuuuuu dear bloggers yang tekan click FOLLOW itu. Thanks yah! 


Talking bout followers, hurmmm issue jugak la ni -from my point of view. When I post my blog link at the groups, I don't force anyone to follow my blog. I need readers and friends who can share ideas. But number does matter to many of us. Bila ramai followers, dah tentu lagi best. Ye ke? Maybe.. If ramai followers yang betul-betul follow baru la bagus kan. ^__^ For me, I follow other blogs because I like viewing them. Bukan sebab, You follow me, I follow you back. Just for the sake of increasing the numbers of your followers. 


I viewed some blogging tips. Oh banyak sungguh tips untuk berblog. Some say, you need to write stories that can attract your readers. Some say, you can't talk too much about your personal life. Some say, talk about general issues or current issues. Well, I say it's all up to you. There is no right way. As long as it is appropriate for everyone to read. 

You really need viewers and readers, but bear in mind the language that you're using in your blog. For instance, 

"aq ase sonot sanat arie nieeyy bab aq pat jupe dye. Ta penah rasewww mcmniey bab dye bunje aq kenny rogers! Pastu kiteowang jalan kart taman. Dye bg aq bungew. Sukewww sanat!"
 -dialog hanyalah rekaan semata-mata

Oh pening! kalau my students ada yang tulis/ taip macam nih. Gedebushhh! Piat telinga pon boleh. Sorry, I can't accept this kind of language. Berbahasa malaysia yang tidak terlalu sukar untuk difahami..contoh bahase pasar yang selalu kite gune setiap hari. Itu boleh lah kan. You want readers to read your blog with that language. -Erkkkkk aq ta phm la weyhhhhh. I really hope, bahasa ni tidak selalu digunakan oleh generasi muda. 


Woah, lots of things to discuss about blogging. The purpose is just sharing thoughts with you guys. I'm not a popular blogger and I don't wish to be one. I respect bloggers who can attract readers, who have the will to spend time updating new entries for their readers. Apa yang baik, kita ambil and learn from them. Kan? This entry is purposely to share ideas and I would like to apologize for any offense caused by this entry.

So, what say you bout being a blogger?


Lynn said...

being blogger ni best..tapi ada masa tu kita rasa kesian pada pengunjung kalau takde entri..lin tak harapkan follower but more to readers..if they enjoy reading my entry then so do i..^_^

Ayu Na said...


yup..setuju..hehe for sure kena update entry selalu kalau ramai readers yg suka kan. :)

gdsbnga said...

blogging is just one of the way to express what I feel . because sometimes people write the things that they cant say ;)

Ayu Na said...


yupp...indeed. when you think, you blog..some people just can't accept the things that we write in blogs. diff people, diff point of views..and certain things can be acceptable for others to view.

YNA said...

salam kenal dear :)

follower x penting, yg penting readers..
yna klu bukak blog tgk ada org komen ke x, klu ramai teruja giler, maknanya kita x syok sorg2 la, hihihi

Ayu Na said...


salam kenal too ^_^

hehe..betul jugak tu..bile ade yg share pndpt :)

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