salam and hello.

happy new year everyone. Syukur Alhamdulillah, we still have a chance to live the life God has given us and I'm praying for a better life this year. Things are getting better right now though i'm living here all alone. Thank you mama n ayah for everything you've done for me. thank you for your support and care. <3 you!

having Lilo n new home (it's actually rented :p) are one of the greatest things happen to me this year. yeah it was quite difficult to make your own decision, to live alone which there r many things that need to be considered.gotta pay soooo many things with your own money n it's damn scary~ huhuhu 

Welcome back to school for all Kemabong family..n a warm welcome to new teachers..=) it's going to be tough this year. Everyone is hoping for a better result especially English subject. cayokkkk~ ^_^ 

how bout u guys? all the best in everything u do. =)

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