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salam dan hello.

Alhamdulillah, after countless hours reading all the materials (which i think i should read MORE) i managed to complete the first draft of my proposal - hoping that it's acceptable. *please pray for me* yes, i know it will never be easy to get a 'yes' and 'you can proceed with your research'. 
 Last Friday was inspirational for me as i had the chance to meet my only sweet workaholic supervisor, Dr. Melor. I didn't prepare anything or any draft on papers. So the discussion was great and she helped me A LOT to have other topics for my research which i decided to focus on the gifted students of PERMATApintar (new program for the gifted with corporation from the UKM)  I heard negative comments regarding the new program introduced by the government. I wasn't aware of it actually, at first.  I was kinda blur when she said about the gifted students. Million thanks to her as I'm now being more aware to update my brain especially with educational issues/ news. I bought a book that gives me information regarding the program for the gifted. As many people give negative comments about it, I'm actually more excited to explore what's inside it. InsyaAllah, -tu pon kalo betul2 beliau approve- huhu =P I'm really looking forward to be in the school and learn their culture. 
I cried the other day. it's not because of having issues with loved ones, but it's more on the stress and pain that I've to face in dealing with this. Working at school with the KSSR for year 1, the meetings, the classroom, the workloads, driving to UKM for classes, three assignments need to be done. @_@ thank you for the surprises, 2011. i love you soo much. huhu~ 
It's not the end of the world. My heart keeps on smiling to see the little kids -innocent, sometimes mengada2, adorable =)
tq sebab puji "teacher idayu ni cantek kan" hahahahaha
tq sebab bgtau teacher...."arini ade english x teacher? kan best kalau hari-hari english"
tq darlings. teacher marah2 pon sebab tulisan slalu tak kemas. hehehe


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salam dan hello.

halamak. maseh dalam class and the lecturer asks everyone to have their own blog. I've mine but... x active sgt..huhuhu so now i'm having materials in language teaching. lmbt ag mahu abes. huhu 

1,2,3 go!

salam dan hello.

 Happy New Year everyone! 2011 with bless and wonderful things happen in each life. InsyaAllah. Circumstances/problems will always be around us n memang xboleh nak elak kan. Tapi, harap dapat atasi masalah/isu dengan lebih matang (reminder for myself!). Ada masa, bila emosi terlampau hebat tak sempat nk berfikir rasional dan terus membiarkan jiwa memberontak. Ambil masa 2minit, tarik nafas dan berfikir lepas tu mesti x jadi nak marah. hehehe insyaAllah =)

So, welcome back to school all teachers~ Honestly, I'm not prepared for teaching year1. Lesson plan je dah satu hal. banyak merungut ni...kan. But it's good to have detailed lesson plan mcm practical dulu -of course korban masa & tenaga- insyaAllah, harap2 boleh adapt new system which needs hard work. 
tadaaa~ :P
Good luck to all of u darlings. Azam baru takde, masih lapuk sampai bila pon tak tahu. Kalau dapat perbaiki..Alhamdulillah. Kalau gagal, cuba lagi. tak semestinya azam 2011, kena capai semua. ikut yang termampu la kan. hehehe -ok, saye xde checklist pn- huhuhu

OK, nite nite everyone. hugs n kisses xoxo
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