it's new! -again??


Hai hai. How's everyone doing? Finally, it's Friday! *winky wink* Ada sesape ke yang bekerja esok? Hehehe..bawak bersabar lah ye. Berkat tu cari rezeki halal. Kan? 

Oh, it's been super busy week for me as I had to complete the assignment & proposal. I was quite frustrated coz I didn't managed to discuss with my supervisor last Wednesday due to her busy schedule, meetings and bla bla bla. Dah wasted RM11.40 bayar tol, sekali sampai ofis beliau..tak dapat jugak jumpe. Sigh~ Went home with a broken heart. What did I do? Sleeping for errrr.... 4hours! Hahaha. Sampai niat taknak pegi kuliah petang tu. (tolong jangan amalkan ye :p) and yes, another thing..haih~ I was so sad with my presentation just now. It wasn't only me, I guess others felt the same way too. There are changes need to be done with my proposal. Hmm..takpelah, bersusah-susah dahulu.. (ayat terbaik nak senangkan hati)

Hei panjang benar merapu nye kan. Hehehe. Sorry this is my new template and I just love changing it when I get bored with the previous template. What do you think? Tapi takdelah meletops macam belog hebakk yang lain tu.

I found this awesome blog with tutorials how to edit your template and create a blog header. Jum terjah~

No worries, tutorials memang lengkap step by step..and it's easy! 

So, happy exploring guys~ 


Siti NuruL Ain said...

header cute!

remind me of my childhood time..heheh...;)

Ayu Na said...

Siti NuruL Ain

hehehe..thanks dear!

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