Monday Blues?

Assalamualaikum & hellooooo everyone. wasssuuup! heheh. 

Dah lunch blum? Ke baru nak sarap? Ke baru bangun tido? Ke tido lagi?huhu

I've finished all my classes. Pheewww~ Lega. ^_^

Kalau pergi kerja..hari Isnin confirm malam Ahad tu muka toya sebab tension nak g keja kan. I searched some tips to overcome monday blues which really helps me. Nah, sila baca. hehe :)

1. Call a friend and talk about the fun topics. 

2. Allow your feelings be as they are.

3. Plan your day.

4. Ask a co-worker/ friend how their weekend went

5. Stop complaining.

6. Clean your desk.

7. Help a friend/ co worker.

oh and yes, one more.

8. Wear your favourite dress *avoid wearing dark colours. :)

Ahah~ it sounds nothing but really affects our emotions especially on Monday. I've tried some of the tips and it works. Ada mood, spend my free time to clean my desk and make it pretty. Bila nampak desk kemas seronok je nak kerja kan. heheh. So, I hope the tips can help you guys. Give it a shot.. Mana tau kot berkesan. hehehe ^__^

Take care darls. xoxo 


Anonymous said...

Tips yg bergune ! ^^

Ayu Na said...

yasmin~ yaa..sgt berguna..hehe :)

Miss Iza Pink said...

amalkan selalu :)

Ayu Na said...

@Miss Iza Pink: yup..try amalkan slalu..hehe nk kurang kan stress di pagi Isnin. :)

Zulfahmi said...

This is my way :

While driving, make funny faces to the people in the cars next to me... It's fun to see how they react

Say hi and talk to a stranger... especially handsome/pretty one... U will feel good and excited

Ayu Na said...

Zulfahmi. thanks yawww for the tips. i think its fun too. ^__^

er, if say hi to the handsome one nanti diorang ingat i ngorat. heheh joking :P

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