let it begin yaw -part II

salam dan hello.

ahh..baru dapat update blog sebab rase penat, tak sehat dan sibuk sedikit. Now, i'm free while others are excited watching the game (now 2nd half) hoping for Malaysia to win. hehehe..
So, the registration on last Thursday went well eventhough I had to do soooo many things in different places. I was quite nervous when I reached the Faculty of Education. My first impression was - OK, this is the second home for me after this and I love it -positive thinking- huhu

I asked the person who was at the counter in the office; looking for the right place for the registration. 
"Turun bawah ikut tangge ni, ade khemah..register kat sane"

I was lucky to have my parents accompanying me. 
(walopon ada masa, pendapat bercanggah & salah faham)

I was shocked to see so many adults coming to further their studies who i believe majority of them are married. Masa tu rase macam wow, hebat jugak diorang ni. dah kawen pon masih seronok nak sambung belajar =)
My first friend is Miss Amalina (23 years old ok) she's taking Pendidikan Matematik and staying in Banting. So we talked  a lot (macam sesi perkenalan diri plak kan) hehee.. she's a nice young lady =)
Around 9.30 a.m after having our  breakfast, we went into the hall for briefing session. Meeting new lecturers (hebat2 belaka) in faculty of education. 11.00 a.m. we're separated into groups of courses for another briefing with our lecturers but it was frustrating because my group didn't have the chance to meet our lecturer. -masa tu rasa macam come on laa..xkan xde lecturer boleh ganti ke..hal penting kan) Everybody was confused with the subjects and I discussed with my new friend; Miss Mogan (who's 30 years old teaching in PD) I also met Miss Afifah (28 years old; working in UIA) kinda friendly and her English sgt superb.  ^_^ (compared to mine yg banyak la salah grammar nye ni kan~ LOL

Waiting for 1.5 hour for the lecturer was kinda boring. So I met my parents and had lunch at the cafe. Ingatkan habis awal, kesian diorang kena tunggu lama. Solat di masjid and went to Pusat Kesihatan to submit the medical report. Pulak dah, kene pegi Pusat Pengurusan Siswazah dan hantar kat sane. Saket je hati ni...huhu 

Punyalahhhhh ramai buat payment lah, serah dokumen lah, macam2. sampai aku pon pening kepale. It was raining -masa tu rase macam tido bleh tak? huhu

Managed to submit all the documents, medical report and register online -for classes. Unfortunately, my classes are on Thursdays and Fridays 
Kaedah Penyelidikan 1 ( Friday 3.00pm)
Materials for teaching English (Thursday 3.00pm)
Seminar in current approaches to TESL (Thursday 6.00pm)

Adoi~ lepas ni memang betul2 kena manage time. After school terus gerak g UKM. Harap2 dapat sampai on time. huhuhu first class starts this Thursday -wish me luck- =)

Rasa macam - boleh ke aku buat semua ni?- tapi bila fikir dalam2, ramai yang dah kahwin pon masih bersemangat nak sambung belajar, then i shouldn't think that i can't do it. right?

take care everyone!

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