not so good..

salam and hello.

I am totally upset and frustrated with the situation i'm facing right now. Please go away negative feelings! I'm trying so damn hard and I wont stop just because of tiny things.

Who says it's not difficult to educate human? some people think that being a teacher is easy.. you have more time for yourself and family, less burden with high salary. For me, that's not acceptable. I'm almost giving up eventhough i'm new. i wonder how the senior teachers have the patience to keep moving on....God please give us strength to guide our pupils.

i feel uneasy with the fact that my pupils are growing up and their behaviours are changing. Perhaps it's a normal thing happens to every child. But i cant accept that they've crossed the line and make me feel like i'm doing nothing in the class. Maybe i shouldn't feel that way and I know ppl will say, "Biasalah tu..mula2 mengajar mmg mcmtu. Lama2 nanti dah biasa, ok la."

if let it be 'biasa', i'm ok with that. but i dont wanna get bored because I know it's a big thing. You just cant let it go and pretend that you've nothing to do with it. I dont wanna be like that. I really wish that i could simplify this problem and dont make it as a big issue.

Am i a boring teacher? Or they just dont like me teaching them? do i use the right approach to educate them? Or i'm just 'main hentam' saja?

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